Sebastian’s interest in creative arts began when he was young. He watched his mother, Gitta, as she explored remote roads with her camera in search of opportunities to photograph the land and animals. Sebastian spent hours mimicking his father, Pierre, create charcoal drawings and water color paintings. His interest in photography began when he worked as the staff photographer for the grade school yearbook. After completing veterinary school, he refined his interest. A time before digital cameras, a Canon and Konica 35mm were initially his tools. Soon, Sebastian got his hands on a Hasselblad medium format film camera, which had a glorious way of slowing the process of “taking a picture.” After quite a while using medium format film, Sebastian moved to digital, which is now how the majority of his photographs are captured.


The photographs on this site are from Sebastian’s body of work starting 1999. These images were captured using a variety of equipment, including a Konica FT-1 35mm, a Canon Elan IIe 35mm, a Hasselblad 501c, a Nikon 990, a Nikon 995, and a Canon 40D, and occasionally some other cameras. Numerous other pieces of equipment were used for these pictures, such as, cable releases, electronic remote releases, flashes, tons of lenses, and various filters. The one piece of equipment that was used for the majority of the photographs was a tripod. Often the tripod was carried with all the other gear on long hikes. It remains one of the most valuable pieces of equipment for photography, and next to the big white Canon L lenses, one of the most conspicuous.