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  Print Matted† Basic Frame †† Deluxe Frame ‡
5"x7" Card

$10 for a set of three $4.00 or one card

5"x7" Print $10.99 $19.99 $66.99 $103.99
8"x10" Print $19.99 $35.99 $94.99 $123.99
12"x18" Print $53.99 $91.99 $177.99 $233.99
16"x21" Print $93.99 $145.99 $233.99 $315.99

† All matting is done using white acid free materials for mats and backing materials that are hand cut by the artist. Mats are signed in pencil at the bottom right corner just under the photograph.

†† Basic Frames are home-quality frames bought in bulk by the artist. The glass is of standard quality and type. These frames offer an economic, appealing means to display the photographs as soon as you recieve them.

‡ Deluxe frames are hand-built museum quality black aluminum frames with antireflective glass.


All of the prints are printed using 10 mil archival luster papers using Ultrachrome archival inks. Prints using this process are rated to outlast the best of the more traditional photographic prints according to Wilhelm Imaging Research.

Photographs are captured using a variety of equipment. 80-90% are captured using pro level Nikon or Canon digital cameras. The remaining 10% are shot using either small or medium format film cameras. The negatives or positives from these cameras are scanned using professional scanning equipment to a lossless digital format. As the quality and availability of digital formats has increased over the years, two major trends have taken place. First the availability of film and film camera equipment has decreased, while the expense of film formats has increased. Second the film technology has essentially stagnated circa 1990. Given this I still will go to my film cameras from time to time, especially my medium format equipment.

Before final printing, the image is often proofed several times both electronically and physically before it meets it's maximum expectations. This process is often both time consuming and expensive, but the final result is an image that meets the potential of the originally captured scene.

You may download photographs from this site strictly for your own private use. All photographs presented on this website must not be printed or used in any other form except that one, without written authorization of the photographer. The size of the images displayed on this web site, although comparable in quality to the prints are relativly low resolution and will not print well on any equipment beyond 2" x 1.5". All purchased prints will be of excellent quality printed on archival media at top quality resolution.


Panoramas offer some difficult matting and framing issues. As the sizes increase these issues become even more difficult. Panoramas are available as prints at custom sizes. Pease contact the artist with your size needs, and the photographer will work with you.

Print Orders:

Please contact the photographer by email to request prints. Specify image number, size of print, and whether it will be matted or framed. The photographer will respond with a written quote and payment information.

Publishing and other uses:

All images are available for publishing and other uses as electronic files. Please contact the photographer by email with your needs.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Cash, Money Order, Personal Check, MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal